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Apologies and Random Rants

So I apologize for the late update, I’ve been inactive since school started. I had school work piled up since day 1, from academics to org works, they seem neverending. I still feel fine which is surprising, not yet on my usual zombie mode since I’ve been getting enough sleep even tho I have a 7am class. I actually love having a 7am class. The air is strangely fresher and the world seems to be a better place as I walk to school. (‘til I reach school and reality hits). It only further verifies that I really am a morning person. 

Did I mention we don’t have wifi at our dorm?! Which makes it literally impossible to update or even do homeworks without heading out. Lately I’ve been hanging out at Moonleaf cafe which is actually kinda cozy, despite the annoying regulars who like to pretend they have an accent. Srsly, you don’t have an accent bro, so just stop. STOP.

My birthday’s fast approaching, nothing really special about it. I’ll just have dinner with my college friends and get mah self a new phone. I’m planning on going to church on Thursday but it’s impossible to squeeze in my sched. Talk about masses, last Sunday’s mass was so enlightening, I wanted to clap after the homily. I love it when priests actually prepare for their homily, and that they have it in an ipad. Haha. Not sure which one it really is. 

I’m planning on getting an Xperia C. But still having second thoughts on it’s massive size. I wish it could shrink it up everytime I put it in my pocket, if it actually could even fit in my pocket. IT CAN’T. But I think it’s worth the price, being a 5” Quadcore 8mp Jellybean Sony phone. It really isn’t bad.

I really should start with my school work again. Ciao

The Sunday Currently


I’v now been home for almost a week since break had started. And it just feels amazing to be home and living the good life. We got to go to church and had bonding time staying at home all day while doing chores. This break keeps getting better. 

Album of the Week


Katy Perry- Prism

This week’s album is Katy Perry’s newly realeased Prism (deluxe). The album took 70’s  bass dropping vibe to another level. I got kinda annoyed tho, with how she kept repeating lyrics for more than 8 times, that just doesn’t give justice to the sick beats. Overall the album is something I could dance to when I TGIF.

So here’s the songlist (I won’t write down my fave lyrics, for now, lazy ass)

  1. Roar
  2. Legendary Lovers
  3. Birthday
  4. WAlking on Air
  5. Unconditionally
  6. Dark Horse
  7. This is How We Do
  8. International Smile
  9. Ghost
  10. Love Me
  11. This Moment
  12. Double Rainbow
  13. By The Grace of God
  14. Spiritual
  15. It Takes Two
  16. Choose your Battles

I suggest you download it right away and spend your Friday night dancing!

Semestral Break


Now that school is over and sem break is in I have lots of time to catch up on things I’ve missed out on. Like my favorite tv series, recent album release, movies, and almost everything entertaining. This sembreak will be really productive!

I’ve made a list of things I plan to do for the next month.


2.) Buy new books and read read read
3.) Practice doing vectors on Ps
4.) Learn Dreamweaver
5.) Accomplish daily house chores
7.) Play new songs on the guitar
8.) Hang out with HS classmates
9.) Hang out with bestfriends
10.) Download PLL, Carrie Diaries, Originals, New Girl, Awkward, Revenge, HIMYM and Two broke girls? (is season 3 out?)
 and ofcourse Suits

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The Power of Habit

I’m so frustrated with myself. I could have focused on my acads this sem if not for my so many extra curricular activities. I admit I loved getting involved with my orgs and shit but I got lost in the blitz of it all that I lost track of my school work. How could I neglect my studies when it’s the main reason I’m in UP right now. I know UP isn’t just acads, but before anything else, acads come first. But I got to say my grades are better than what I really deserve for being so lax. Studying a night before exams, I expected to fail. If not for God and my parents I could have flunked everything. Seeing my average today, I wondered how am I gonna change for the better next sem. 

Earlier today I got to read The Power of Habit.


“The Golden Rule of Habit Change: You can’t extinguish a bad habit, you can only change it.” 

After reading The Power of Habit I finally knew how I’ll deal with my problem. I can’t really eliminate procrastinating, but I could change the time I spend for procrastinating, and spend more time building new habits. The cue is school work, the habit would be spending 2 hours every night for studying and the reward would be better grades. TPoH was a really good read. It even got me thinking of advertising techniques and applying it on future marketing research. I suggest you try reading it! 

Right now I’m trying to get over everything and wishing I really care less. I’m off to finish reading The Power of Habit. 

Haven’t done vectors in years. I copied this from this month’s Entrepreneur mag. Still warming up so forgive me. There’ll be more vectors coming! 

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The Belfry of San Joaquin Church, San Joaquin

Subong x Guinto project

Bats in broad daylight.
Bat Tree, Miag-ao 

Subong X Guinto project

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